STORYCORPS at the National Steinbeck Center


With the help of a trained facilitator, ordinary Salinas residents can record a 40-minute conversation in this nationally touring MobileBooth. Salinas community members are invited to record a conversation, in any language, with their loved ones—a friend, family member, mentor or co-worker. Stories will be archived in the Library of Congress, the Salinas Public Library and the National Steinbeck Center.

Starting February 12, 2009, you can make a reservation to participate in StoryCorps by logging on to www.storycorps.net, by visiting www.kazu.org, or by calling (800) 850-4406


Gus Hernandez and Siddiqi Hansoti

“I just needed a little bit of help...”

Gus Hernandez (R) talks about how he met Siddiqi Hansoti (L), owner of the El Dorado Motel in Salinas, CA, after losing his house to foreclosure.

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