Meet artist Rhode Montijo and hear about his hero's journey through the underworld in his graphic novel, PABLO'S INFERNO, where young Pablo gets struck by a hit and run driver and triumphs in his adventures through a pre-colombian hell. Learn about the process of comic book production, from sketches to the final artwork.

This last event in our graphic novel month, and it will be a good one as you get to meet the artist himself, and find out firsthand what it takes to make a great comic book. You'll hear about the trials and tribulations of a comic book artist, and what it takes to survive, and prosper in the genre.

So join us for another exciting, stimulating program brought to you by the Salinas Public Library!


Heartbreak Soup: a Love and Rockets Book gets the treatment at Cesar Chavez Library!

TALK ABOUT IT! The first half of the acclaimed artist Gilbert Hernandez' magical-realist tales of "Palomar," the small Central American town, beginning with the groundbreaking story, "Sopa de Gran Pena." Content of this program is suitable for ages 17 and older.

Join us for another great look into the world of "Palomar" and it's inhabitants. This event is brought to you in partnership with CURRENT COMICS, the central coast's newest comic book and game shop. At our request they are sending their graphic novel experts to come out and talk about this classic collection of stories told in the graphic novel style by one of the genre's premiere artists.

This title is available for checkout at all of our branches, so if you like graphic novels, or even if you're just curious, stop by and get yourself some HEARTBREAK SOUP!


Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth, by Chris Ware

Neither smart nor a kid, Jimmy reunites with his long-lost Dad, finds him a great disappointment, and discovers an African-American sister he never knew about.

Join us this Tuesday for another great conversation!


Secret Identities: Asian American Superheroes

brought to you in partnership with ASIAN CULTURAL ENCOUNTER (ACE) OF SALINAS and CURRENT COMICS, located in Salinas and Monterey.


Graphic Novels Month is Here!

July is Graphic Novels Month
at the Salinas Public Library!

Salinas Stories’ summer programs focus on ways of telling stories and the Library invites people of all ages to spend July exploring the storytelling form known as the graphic novel. Programs enable people to explore, discover & talk about graphic novels (in person and online), meet graphic novel artists, and learn to tell their own story through this exciting art form through free workshops. Copies of these graphic novels are available now at all branches of the Salinas Public Library and all events are FREE!

A graphic novel is a book that takes the form of a long comic strip or heavily illustrated story. The Salinas Public Library’s Graphic Novel series explores some of the most popular, mind-bending graphic novels available, from new twists on old classics like Batman to works by new artists.